Taipei  is not a new city to me. But living in here two years is totally different from my old experience.

Before, I came here as a tourist. I am a guest. So,  I just go to the traveling sites and the specific places,

like department stores or the restaurants. Since it is only  a 2-day-trip, I only care the place is good or not,

I don't really care the people here.  But  in these days, though only 3 day , I started to notice the Taipei people.

They are really different from Kaohsiung people. First of all , they are really busy ! You can see it from the speed

of people in the MRT systems. And when I ride motocycle,  most people can pass me, even I have ridden at 60 

kilogram per hour. And the second , they are really used to  wait in lines. But I think it is because there are really

too many people here. If they want to go to the better restaurant, they have to wait.  Though I have already know

that ,  I still was shocked when I saw the flock of customers waitting.  I really like the Kaohsiung better.

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