I have to say that the course selection system of NCCU is

really unfriendly. I started to memorize the system of NCTU.

I mean it.

   The worst thing of NCCU system is that the idle time was

too short. If I had some question about the course and went

browsing internet for some information, I will be kicked out

from  the system. It is really inconvenient since I always

hesitate to make decisions . Every time when I finally decide

the course , I had been rejected by the system because I idled

too long.

   When it comes to the curriculums, I don't have many

choices because the major courses have occupied most of

the schedule.  I also want to keep my study on the

Japanese and attend the toastmaster meeting during the

semester. But the load of the MBA classes is not as easy as

in the university. If I want to absorb all the classes fully, I have

to spare some time for reviewing and group meeting. It is

really a dilemma. I think it is the first test of a good

MBA, for using your time smartly and efficiently.


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