Because of the typhoon, I came home yesterday instead of going to Taipei. The reason is that I have such a heavy luggage and the weather was really bad. If I went to Taipei,  I don't have any comfortable place to live since my dorm was not arranged, and it was also hard for me to carry so much baggage to get to my dorm. I have to say that it is so good to have family.

     After the tiring 11 days trip, I had a really rest in my own bed in Kaohsiung. I sleep for more than 12 hours today except eating breakfast. The time that I completely woke up was 1 o'clock in the afternoon. When I got up, I felt I got the energy back !


    In the afternoon, I arranged the pictures I took in Japan. I think I was really crazy. How come I can have so many energy to play ? After a long trip in the day time, I still went to karaoke for a whole night. No wonder I got infect at my lips, because my physical body had been exhausted. I did it because of my spirit energy supporting me. 


     I think the biggest difference between Taiwan and Japan is the food price. Taiwan food is soooooooooo CHEAP! When I went for dinner tonight, I feel so pleased that I live in Taiwan. All the set include drink, main dishes and dessert only costs $180 NT. $180 NT is equal to 600 yen. But I can't buy even a bow of noodles in Tokyo with 600 yen. OH! I LOVE TAIWAN.


      Tomorrow I have to go to NCCU for preparing the new school term. After the happy time in Japan, it is about time to study. Hope I can enjoy the new school life in the new school.









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