Father, I cannot tell a lie, I did it with my little hatchet.

                                                                            ~George Washington

        From now on , I will start writting English composition much more often.

I found a book in my book shelf. There are 365 quotes and proverbs in this book.

You can check it and learn a good sntence every day. In fact, I bought this book

when I was in junior high school. Oh.....It is a good book. If I did read it every day

, I must have a lot of good quotes in my mind. Unfortunitely, I didn't do so. So, I

desided to use it after so many years.


         When it comes to George Washington, the story of cherry tree comes to my

mind immediately. But the story probably is not true. It is made by someone. However

, the story creat a good image of Washington. Great legends need story to help them

create something special of themselves. That's why the emperor's birth day always had

something peculiar happened. But in other way, they must have some special characters

different from other people. Then , they can mad some great achievement and create

many legendary story.  It's like a relationship between eggs and chickens.


         So, do you have some legendary story? Can you make your own legend ? Do you

dare try others dare not?  I just read a book " chocolate war." It is a book talks about

the school violence. The main character challenged the taboo of the school. He disobeied

an order from the underground student organization. The question around his mind is "

Do I dare disturb the universe?"  The answer for him is "yes" , and you? and me ?



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